I discovered my desire to create collages approximately 15 years ago.

I was always fascinated by other artist work in mixed media. I was inspired immediately to create something original using my own imagination. I chose to use acrylic paint on canvas, magazine clippings and glue, actually modge podge is what I still use today.

The pieces I've created have a mask or headdress theme. The eyes represent the the secrets of our souls and each magazine clipping is cut in a feather shape and then glued strategically in place. I always use clippings with colour and texture.

My collages encompass masks, city scenes and most recently sunsets and sky scenes. Each cutting is unique to the theme. I use feather shapes, ribbon shapes as well as geometrical shapes with some writing. I prefer to use a thick canvas for all my works it allows me to wrap the edges and sizes range from 8x12 to 24x30.

  • Watercolour wash Watercolour wash
  • Dawn Rising Dawn Rising
  • City of Angels City of Angels
  • Ribbons in the Sunset Sky Ribbons in the Sunset Sky
  • Feather Mesk Feather Mesk
  • Feather Mask Collage Feather Mask Collage